::: Recover MS Excel 2007 Password ::: (Not all 2007 versions) :::

Hello All,

Many times, we face this situation of having a document and we dont remember the password.

many a times it is MS Office suite files, which are basically Compound documents consisting of XML metadata.

There are several tools available to recover MS excel 2007 password.
however, all tools are paid and you have to spend a lot to use those tools.
Here I am gonna show you, how you can remove password of MS excel 2007 manually, without using any tool.

MS Excel 2007 have different types of file with file extentions like :xlsx, :xlsm, :xltx, etc.
these file types are called Open XML because these file type contains XML files.
You can see XML documents which makes excel spreadsheet by changing its extension to zip.
Only use 7-Zip to extract or Open these compound documents, it might give error if you use WinZip or WinRAR.
You can remove excel password by editing Open XML files. Follow the steps given below to remove password of password-protected excel files.
1. Create backup of the password-protected excel file.
2. Rename the file extension to .zip from .xlsx.
3. Now extract the whole content of zip file, by ONLY using 7-zip and NOT WinRAR/WinZip
4. Search for xml format of targeted sheet. there you will find it in ‘xl -> worksheets’ directory.

5. Open the xml file of targeted sheet in xml editor.
6. Now search for ‘sheetProtection’ word in that xml file and remove it.

7. Save this edited xml file and replace it with old xml file in zip files.
8. Now change the extension from .zip to .xlsx.

Now you can double click on this spreadsheet, it will open normally it will not prompt for any password.

This method will work only for earlier versions of MS Excel 2007,

There have been some fixes, and also the way these compound documents are created, so maybe some 2007 and later versions, this trick may not work the same.


So for those files, the only last option remaining is to Brute-force the password by utilizing the GPU and CUDA, which can easily take from seconds to weeks, depending upon the complexity and the character set involved in the actual password and the system resources [CPU & GPU].
As MS keeps us all busy on Tuesday’s 🙂


Nitin Kushwaha


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