Everything is Fair in LOVE ♥ WAR ♥ and GAMES ♥

Hey Fellas,

Everything is Fair in LOVE, WAR and GAMES !

last week, I started playing games on Facebook,
I had seriously spent more than 28-48 hours at a stretch, just to WIN.
and I did WIN a GOLD MEDAL in Diamond Dash game.

This was my hardwork,

later, I did realized that it was a Weekly tournament,
and so i will need to keep up with my score for the next week as well.

so, I found another way out!

Hacked the Game — Simple.

These all games on Facebook are normally SWF (FLASH) based.
and now recently Facebook has started Securing them with the use of ActionScript3 (AS3) and FBML

using AS3, we can use the Get/Set method’s which are used to prevent the in-memory values from changing.
however, these games when running have to write in memory to keep a track of the scores, lives…etc.

and Flash is known to save the values in the multiples of 8.
we wont go into memory hacking for now.

Just to keep it simple.

we will look at 3 different options of using these for Hacking the Facebook Diamond Dash Game.
the same options can be used with many games.

we will just focus on Diamond Dash.

we have 3 options:::

1> using a add-on for Mozilla Firefox
Leethax version:2012.09.25b
download it from:

2>using Cheat Engine any version upto v6.2
download it from:

3> there are many more tools for In-Memory Scanning, Debugging and Editor
Cheat-Engine is All-in-One, then there is TSearch and so..on.. and so forth.

Lets get started.

I have included my screenshots, and i have removed some of my Friends name.

However, the Credit goes to my FRIENDS ♥

Step 1:

We use the option 1, and download the LEETHAX plugin extension,

it will get install, and then ask for a reboot of the Firefox browser.
my Firefox is version 15.0.1

after installation, just play games on Facebook, if the logo is shown of leethax, then you can click on it and see what options are available, in Facebook Diamond Dash, i get the option to Freeze, and increase points.

the picture below shows the logo of Leethax.net

here are the options within the Diamond Dash game.

and you can start, Freeze the time, and play as much you want…

as you can see now, i have +99 extra LIVES, and other Magic bomb, and Color splash too…

Step 2:

We use the Cheat Engine — It is a In-Memory Scanner & Editor

however, we are only using it for Increasing the speed and Decreasing the speed of our Diamond Dash game.

by using the Enable SpeedHack option

the normal speed is 1.0x, 0.5x is half,

when you want to get FREE LIVES in Diamond Dash, just set the Speed to max 200 and wait for 30 seconds approx, it will get you 5 LIVES for free, YES!!! you dont need to spend money to buy them…

and remember always to APPLY changes by using the Apply button within the Cheat-Engine.

when you are at the ” Play ” option , you can just set these above options, reduce the speed, and apply and then click “PLAY”

I am using Mozilla Firefox, so whenever a Flash game, or video is played then the Plugin-container / Flash plugin is running in the process-listing, normally i have found that the second one is the right one which contains the game.

please try to play only one game at a time, if using Cheat-Engine.

because Cheat-Engine will capture the memory address and when you freeze the game it just keep those memory addresses in memory…

There is lot more…

Hope you all like this tutorial,

I really played this Game for approx 36-42 hours and i had won, but then putting in so much time for a game, for a person like Me, no way, so i had to find the way out, and here is the proof, and i wrote this tutorial so that my Friends can know that now my scores are only hacked ones…

Except for Bricks Breaking… ♥ (I am not able to trace the memory address)

I also have the source code for the three major games on facebook.

1>Diamond-Dash, 2> Angry-Birds, and  3> Mindjolts Bricks Breaking.

This is only for FUN ♥


Nitin Kushwaha


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