AI — Artificial Intelligence, Hacking the Game, not as Human-Being.

AI — Artificial Intelligence, Hacking the Game, not as Human-Being.

In my Previous article, I showed you how to manually hack the Diamond Dash Game, which is still time consuming…
When you play Diamond Dash game,

clicking again and again is too tiring for some.

here i present you an Artificial Intelligence part, which plays the game for you,
yes , almost like a Human-being.

Follow the steps:

either search for DiamondDash FACILE.exe
it is 336kb in size.

and I am uploading it as well on some site.

Step1> Start your game inside mozilla firefox, dont click PLAY untill now… wait
Step2>start Cheat-Engine–>select the plugin/ process normally thats the second one.
step3> Start the DiamondDash FACILE.exe

now the language needs to be set to english, follow my screenshots attached.
then you need to MAP the co-ordinates with that of your game screen.
while doing this the game should be started with the cheat engine speed reduced to 0.4x or 0.5x
if you can manage try 0.3x for scoring maximum.

once the mapping is complete, then select the AUTO checkbox inside DiamondDash FACILE.
and the rest is the Game AI will continue…







this only works for Mindjolt Diamond Dash.
Hope this helps,

This is only for FUN ♥


Nitin Kushwaha


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