♥ FinFisher – FinSpy ♥ from Gamma International, Governmental IT Intrusion tools

Hey Fellas,

As i had discussed and named “FinSpy”

we will look into it now.

The British government allowed snooping technology to be exported to repressive foreign regimes, including Iran.
Indeed, for a while now privacy outfits have been wondering how this country got its paws on some natty software to spy on its people.

Later there were reports that Gamma International was also selling “FinSpy” technology to the now-fallen Egyptian government of Hosni Mubarak,
which was used to hack into people’s email accounts or simply take full control of their PCs.


Have a look at these videos:: and you can think how safe we are in this world of Networked Trojans…

FinFisher Trojan tools

FinFly ISP


Finspy mobile


and guess, the Whole Package, as a Kit

Fintrusion kit

I found one trojan trace… and thats how i came to know of this.

Who knows, how many Government of India’s PC’s / Network are already infected with such similar tools.

and ya, forget the end-user’s, who just clicks any links… may god help them ♥

Hope this helps!


Nitin Kushwaha


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