Confiscating any Electronic Gadget…

Hey Fellas,

I am back after a long time,

well 2day i would like to share some important considerations on How, What needs to be Confiscated or Collected, or Taken into custody whenever a person is working on either Cybercrime case, or any other case as part of First responder and Forensic Investigator,

1>Make sure the Search warrant includes all storage devices including PC/ Laptop/i-Pod/i-Pad/Mobiles/Smart-phones/…etc whichever can hold 0’s and 1’s are crucial pieces of Evidence.

2>Make sure during Search and Seizure `hardly followed in INDIA` you need to search for all sort of Storage devices which might include SD-cards/Memory chips/Pendrives/SSD/External Storage HDD/MicroSD… Just Think 64 GB microSD can store hell lot of data, which might the pieces of the puzzle we are to find, and which might just not be there on the seized PC/Laptop…?

Because, we normally only Seize the one which is visible to our eyes, the PC/Laptop thats all.
whereas, the smart guys nowadays keep the important stuff on external storage devices…

so if we ignore the above, how much are we loosing???

Is it worth???

so, keep the above points in mind.

Be an Investigator with Intelligence ♥


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