Vmware ThinApp or Thinstall, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!!

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Here is something which is really all The Good, the Bad and the Ugly for developers, IT guys and Forensics Community!

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Application Isolation and DLL Hell

VMware ThinApp (Formerly Thinstall) allows applications to run without any modification to the host PC’s registry or file system. Other applications running on the same PC will not be aware of virtualized applications, so regression testing can be eliminated or drastically reduced.

Much of the cost for application deployment relates to testing new applications against other applications deployments. Some other Virtualization solutions make registry and file system changes virtual to the entire system temporarily or permanently, so regression testing continues to be needed and application roll-outs still have the possibility for breaking other applications on the desktop.

ThinApp enables conflict free installation of any program on any Windows platform. Applications that require DLL or ActiveX components can experience installation and runtime problems due to corrupt computers or locked down administrator rights. ThinApp enables any application to run conflict free regardless of the state of the host computer.

ThinApp benefits include:

  • Reduce desktop support costs. When installing commercial software on computers ‘in the wild’, installation conflicts are one of the top 3 issues requiring an expensive support call.
  • Eliminate all installation conflicts. With ThinApp, all registry keys, DLLs and third party libraries are packaged into a single, compressed EXE. Other applications, Windows upgrades, or registry key deletions, OS corruptions will not affect a ThinApp packaged application.
  • Eliminate the need for administrator rights. Because software is not installed, administrator rights are not required to run a ThinApp packaged application. This is key when running applications in a corporate locked down desktop environment or home computers that don’t know how to access administrator capability. Additionally, OCX and ActiveX components do not need to be registered.
  • Run directly from any media. ThinApp packages all code components into a single EXE so that the application can be run directly from a CDROM, USB key, or network, without requiring installation.
  • A positive out of the box experience. ThinApp insures a successful first time end user experience for your product.



Now, if you read it all right, now it is time to find what exactly

“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” is??

Need all your comments.


Nitin Kushwaha

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