Unlock any Read-only Word Document !


Many a times we need to make some changes to documents or even need to fill-up some online documents which are in MS Word, and they have a read-only protection in place,

So here is how to bypass, or Unlock them.

If you are using office XP or 2003, you can change the view to HTML-Code using Microsoft Script-Editor by pressing the [Alt]+[Shift]+[F11] key combination.

Search for “Password”, or scroll down till you will find something like this:


To remove the protection:
Just remove those two lines, and after saving the document , the protection is gone.

To remove the password:
-replace the Password, here “60B9DAE3”, with “00000000”, save the Document and close “Script-Editor”.

Hope this helps.


Nitin Kushwaha

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3 thoughts on “Unlock any Read-only Word Document !

  1. Julian McDermott

    What if you have 2007 word and the document says Read-Only. How would I unlock it please?

    • Nitin Kushwaha

      Dear Julian,

      Sorry for late reply,
      there are various tools to find the read-only or to unlock the read-only password.
      there have been some VBA backdoors in MS Office suite, so this would not be tough.
      and let’s say if the document with a password to crack is latest 2007 [docx] or later versions, then the only option is to Brute-force the encryption.
      normally it is AES-128 bit encryption for all MS Office Suite, and it has gone through many revisions in the way the security was implemented.
      in earlier versions of 2007 Suite, it was still possible to crack or rather i should say is Bypass the password from the Metadata / compound files which combines and makeup the docx/xlsx files.

      Hope this help’s you and others as well


      Nitin Kushwaha


  2. Your advice was extremely helpful! Many thanks!

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