New Era of Hacking!! mobile phones at Risk of Spyware.

Hackers are intruding mobile phones using hacking tools like spyware and spoofing, according to cyber experts.

Spyware is a tool which manipulates short message service (SMS) and allows them to be read by others, while spoofing, a relatively new technology which replaces mobile number of sender’s message.

Spoofing is relatively a new technology used for changing the identity of source of SMS either with text or any desired number.

“A hacker sends an SMS to the targeted person. The person opens the message, installing spyware onto the device. The spyware, unknown to the victim, takes the SMS and forwards it to the hacker.” Once installed, through the spyware the hacker can monitor the ‘compromised’ phone call details and can even listen to the calls made or received by the user.
However, its is very difficult for the user to find out whether his phone has been hacked.

Experts said phones getting hanged and slow operations are some signs of spyware attack on your mobile and added hi-end phones are susceptible to such incidents.

Nitin Kushwaha

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